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  • BuddhaNet’s Online Buddhist Study Guide
    This Online Buddhist Study Guide is a graduated course of study. Starting with a Basic Buddhism Guide, which can be combined with the primary and secondary level of BuddhaNet’s Buddhist Studies for Schools. Its main feature is an Online Study Course based on the Historical Buddha, His Teachings, and Buddhist History and Culture. The material ranges from introductory teachings and texts to advance scriptural and meditation texts – in the Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana traditions.
  • Basic Buddhism Guide : Entry level Buddhism: Outlines and Summaries of the Basics Concepts and Teachings
  • Buddhist Studies for Primary and Secondary Students
    This Buddhist education material constitutes one project – a gradual training course in Buddhism to the young. The emphasis is given on the Buddha as an exemplar, his Teaching (Dharma) and application of the Teachings in our daily lives. This project is designed at four levels: three for children, and one for teachers.
    The complete course can be downloaded as PDF documents – it also includes a Colouring Book on the life of the Buddha.
  • Buddhist Teachings
    Question & Answers on: What is Buddhism, Basic Buddhist Concepts, The Buddhist Scriptures, About Monks and Nuns, Rebirth, Vegetarianism, Becoming a Buddhist. Text on the Life of the Buddha; Fundamentals of Buddhism; Buddhist Tales for Young and Old (The Jataka Tales), etc.
  • Buddhist Scriptures
    An overview of the Buddhist Scriptures; Guide to the Tipitaka; Anthologies from the Pali Canon, and a selection of Suttas and text from the Mahayana and Theravada traditions, including the Chinese Scriptures.