Welcome To Buddhanet's Buddhist Studies

This section contains education material on all aspects of Buddhism:

Entry level Buddhism: Outlines and Summaries of the Basics Concepts and Teachings.

A self-study course on Buddhism based on the Historical Buddha, His Teachings, and Buddhist History & Culture. The material ranges from introductory teachings to advance scriptural and meditation texts.

A gradual training course in Buddhism for primary and secondary students. This project is designed at four levels: three for students, one for teachers.  CD-ROM available.

An overview of the Scriptures. A Guide to the Tipitaka. Theravadin and Mahayana Texts.

Introductory teachings: Questions and Answers on Buddhism. Fundamentals of Buddhism. Handbook for Mankind, and Buddhist Tales for Young and Old.

Timelines of Buddhist History, Statistics, Schools & Lineage, FAQs, Buddhist Profiles, Art & Architecture, Iconography, Deities & Bodhisattvas, Buddhism & Women, Festivals.

An Encyclopedic Tour of The Buddhist World, The Monastic Community, Buddhist Pilgrimage, Monks’ and Nuns’ Robes.