Ałguttara Nikćya

(9) Navaka Nipćta Pćši

(a) Nine practices not indulged in by Arahats: An Arahat does not intentionally take the life of a being; does not take, with the intention of stealing, what is not given; does not engage in sexual intercourse; does not speak what is not true knowing that it is not true; does not enjoy the pleasures of the senses; is not biased through favouritism, through hatred, through delusion or through fear. (para 7)
(b) There are nine characteristics of a layman’s residence which a bhikkhu should not visit or stay in: Where a bhikkhu is not greeted or shown signs of welcome, or offered a seat; where alms are kept hidden; where little is given away although much can be afforded; where inferior alms are offered although better alms are available; where the offering is made in a disrespectful manner; where the layman does not come near the bhikkhu to listen to the dhamma, and where little interest is shown in the exposition of the dhamma. (para 17)
(c) There are nine ways in which a grudge is formed: He has done me harm, he is doing me harm, he will do me harm; he has done harm to one dear to me, he is doing harm to one dear to me, he will do harm to one dear to me; he has done good to one disliked by me; he is doing good to one disliked by me, he will do good to one disliked by me. (para 29)
(d) There are nine things which should be eliminated in order to achieve realization of Arahatta Phala: Lust, ill will, ignorance, anger, grudge, ingratitude, envy, jealousy, meanness. (para 62)