Loving Kindness for Children

with Gregory Kramer

About the Author  . . .

Gregory Kramer lives with his family in Portland, Oregon, USW. He is a long-time student of Insight Meditation, having practice with various Asian teachers. He has taught Insight Meditation since 1980 and conducted numerous retreats under the auspices of the Metta Foundation and at the Barre Centre For Buddhist Studies in Massachusetts. Gregory Kramer also co-founded Harvest with Heart, a hunger project in upstate New York.

As the president of the Metta Foundation, Kramer is directing their efforts to build a bridge between the study and practice of meditation and to develop artistic and scholarly supports for contemplation. He has investigated various approaches to mindfulness training and studied the Buddhist psychology, Abhidhamma.


Gregory Kramer
The Metta Foundation
Email: greg@metta.org
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