Metta Bhavana

Venerable Sujiva
As a mother, at the risk of her life,
Watches over her only child,
Let him cherish an unbounded mind
For all living beings.
Let him have love for the whole world,
And develop an unbounded mind,
Above, below and all around,
Boundless heart of goodwill, free of hatred,
Standing, walking, sitting or lying down,
So long as he be awake,
Let him cherish this thought,
This is called divine abiding here.
Karaniyametta Sutta


After some months of intensive practice of Loving-kindness meditation or Metta Bhavana, my teacher asked me, “Do you now know how to practise metta?” I answered that as I had only grasped the basic framework there was still so much to do to have a complete picture. Even until now I still feel inadequate for the work of writing a book on metta bhavana. Firstly my own experience is not wide enough. It would be better after guiding more people. While I was trying to hold some intensive metta retreats, I found most of them still need vipassana. Nevertheless there have been times it was taught.
It was only when encouraged by my teacher that I finally decided to do something. Finally I could only come up with the basic framework again and in not so many words. I also suppose knowledge should not be kept waiting. There are so many things I would like to share with some of my friends who are now dead. It would have made their lives better and happier.
This work is aimed at the development of deep and concentrated metta that is seldom spoken of other than in textural sources. Although it is also based on textural sources, such as Buddhaghosa’s “Path of Purification”, the writing was done in simplified form in Kota Tinggi in 1990 for easy reading. It is hoped that this book will help to fill the need to some extent. Surely all of us need much stronger and deeper metta! I have also drawn much from Mahasi’s “Brahma Vihara”, one of the best and most informative books on the subject available. I make no claim of any lofty attainments. I only put down what I understand and derive from the talks by more experienced people and from what little practice I have done.


Kota Tinggi, 1991
by Buddhist Wisdom Centre, Malaysia.
with assistance from Sukhi Hotu

(c) Copyright 1998 Sujiva, All rights reserved.

ISBN 983-9382-06-3
Originally Published for free distribution

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