The Chinese Pantheon

Popular Deities of Chinese Buddhism

AMITABHA: Buddha of Boundless Light of the Western Paradise
Healing Buddha
YAO SHIH FWO: Bhaisajyaguru or the Healing Buddha
Jade Maiden
LUNG-NU: Jade Maiden
Kuan Yin
KUAN SHIH YIN P'USA: Avalokiteshvara
Golden Youth
HOAN SHEN-TSAI: Golden Youth
WEN-SHU-SHIH LI P'USA: Manjushri Bodhisattva
Puh sien
PU HSIEN P'USA: Samantabhadra Bodhisattva
TI-TSANG WANG P'USA: Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva
Mi-LO FWO: Maitreya Buddha

The Protectors

Kuan ti
KUAN TI: (Sangharama) Protector of Buddhism
Wei To
WEI-TO: (Skanda) Protector of the Dharma

Si-Ta-Tien-Wang or the Four Great Kings of the Devas

Four Guardian Kings of the four directions represent the protection of the Buddhas and the Patriarchs
Guard 4
MO-LI CHING: Guardian of East
Guard 2
MO-LI HAI: Guardian of West
Guard 3
MO-LI SHOU: Guardian of North
Guard 1
MO-LI HUNG: Guardian of South
The 18 LOHANS or Arhats (Arahants)

The Eighteen Lohans

The Lohans’ Place in Buddhism

Lohans are well-known for their great wisdom, courage and supernatural power. Due to their abilities to ward off the evil, Lohans have became guardian angels of the Chinese Buddhist temple and there in the main hall standing guard are the ever-present, indomitable-looking 18 Lohan figures, sometimes accompanied by 500 or more lesser Lohans.

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