Brahmavihara Dhamma

Part IV

by Ven. Mahasi Sayadaw

(66) To contemplation Vipassana while developing Metta

In order, therefore, to gain all the benefits that can be derived from this practise, let us develop metta as a fundamental. When developing metta by recitation, nama-rupa in the manner of vipassana should be contemplated as well. Thus while developing by recitation, contemplation and noting be done simultaneously, as follows:

“May all Bhikkhus, Yogis and laymen in this Meditation Centre be happy.”(Repeat three times)

“May all Devas in the Meditation Centre be happy.” (Repeat three times)

“May all individuals, Devas and beings in this Township be happy.” (Repeat three times)

“May all individuals, Devas and beings in the Union of Burma be happy.” (Repeat three times)

“May all beings be happy.” (Repeat three times)

By virtue of having heard these teachings on the Brahmavihara Bhavana Dhamma and of reciting and developing metta through Samatha Bhavana with the practice of Vipassana contemplation, may those noble audience be able to develop and exercise metta bhavana as far as possible and enhance the development of contemplating and noting the arising phenomena of rupa and nama towards attainment of magga-phala-nana and eventually reach Nibbana, the total extinction of all miserable conditions, in the shortest possible time.