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Dhamma Musings – Shravasti Dhammika

Here is a lively and interesting blog prominently featuring all aspects of Buddhist doctrine but also Buddhist art, history and news as well as Buddhist perspectives on issues in the headlines. Always informative, often opinionated, occasionally very funny. And many of the posts from a year or two ago are still worth reading.

Association for Insight Meditation – Bhikkhu Pesala

Insight meditation is a method taught by the Buddha to remove the causes of suffering. Here you can learn effective techniques to reduce stress. The causes of unhappiness — greed, hatred, delusion — are universal. The remedy is also universal. Whether you follow Buddhism or not, meditation is a valuable practice for a more contented life-style. Most people are well aware of the need for healthy exercise for the body — meditation is healthy exercise for the mind.

The Buddha’s Advice to Laypeople – Lynn Kelly

Based on the Pali Canon, The Buddha’s Advice to Laypeople presents some of the most effective ways to bring about peace and contentment by cultivating generosity and ethical conduct. The site invites the reader to test these ideas in her or his own life.

Buddhist Manga – Heather Woollard

This blog offers a running commentary of life observations from a Buddhist perspective. Lessons from physics, dreams, love, death, and relationships all inform this blog. There is a particular focus on attachment and freedom, what they mean and how they actually occur in our lives. There is also a look at our world of relative and unrelative truths.

Nidahas – Bhikkhu Yogananda

Bhikkhu Yogananda’s main interest is in Early Buddhism, which in many ways is quite different from what we encounter in contemporary Buddhist practice, regardless of whether it’s Theravada, Mahayana or Vajrayana. The quest for the original teachings would never be conclusive until we our­selves are awakened, but until we reach the goal, it is best to main­tain a critical approach to what is passed around as Buddhavacana. This approach is bound up with what is sometimes called ‘radically scripturally orthodox’ reformism.

Jonangpa – Michael R. Sheehy Ph.D. is an evolving weblog featuring regular commentary on various aspects of the Jonang tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. Content on the blog is presented in the form of notes and musings on Jonang history, zhentong philosophical thinking, the Kalachakra, tantric Buddhist art and practice, Tibetan literature, and contemporary issues that concern the Jonangpa.

Kalyanamitra – Fa Sheng Shakya

A blog of a Ch’an tradition’s follower, priest of the Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun. Many Mahayana texts and a lot of Chinese Buddhist sutras, poems and sermons of great masters translated in French.

ven-ariya.blogspot – Venerable Ariya Nani

Here is a blog and a video news item, both of them worth watching by anyone interested in the good Dhamma. The first is about the Swiss nun Venerable Ariya Nani who understands that offering help to others need not necessarily hinder your meditation. It is a rather inspiring example of what we need more of in Buddhism – metta with its sleeves rolled up.

The Real Truth of Life – Icy Kalimu

The most complete English Tipitaka on the Internet is to be found at “The Real Truth of Life” blogspot. It includes some of the exclusive: Nettippakarana, Buddhavamsa, Dhammasangani, Kathavatthu, also download Vimanavatthu, Petavatthu, Cariyapitaka, Yamaka.

Engaged Dharma Blog – Ven. Wayne (Ren Cheng)

The Engaged Dharma Insight Group (EDIG) blog offers the teachings of Buddhist philosophy from a Ch’an/Zen perspective. Practice begins with motivated self-interest that leads to the development of a compassionate social self.

Deep Conscious Capitalism – Susmita Barua

This blog explores some of the hidden and unfolding dynamics of capitalism in crisis, how we can apply Dharma to correct the blindspots in present economic paradigm and bring a non-violent mindful system change through the power of social media in fourfold sangha.

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