Doorman Lohan: Pantha the Younger


Powerful, husky and tough,
Watching with careful alertness.
With the Buddhist staff in hand.
Valiantly annihilates the evil.

According to legend, this lohan, also known as Pantha the Younger, was one of Buddha’s favourite disciples. When he went alms-begging he would bang on people’s doors. One time he did that, the old and rotten door fell apart, and he had to apologize to the owner of the house. So Buddha gave him a tin staff and told him, “When you go alms-begging, you don’t have to bang on people’s doors any more. Just tap this staff. If the people inside want to give you alms, they will come out.” The tin staff had several rings on it and made a light noise when tapped. The tin staff has become the symbol of this lohan.

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