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Reflections on Death, Hospices & HIV/AIDS: The Buddhist Perspective on Death and Dying.

Buddhist Hospice & HIV/AIDS Directory
Listing of Buddhist Hospice Services, HIV/AIDS Projects and other Hospices Resources.

HIV/AIDS Prevention & Care

The Sangha Metta Project, which engages monks in HIV/AIDS prevention and care, is unique in that it was initiated by monks themselves in response to the need for Buddhist monks and nuns to have a more active role in HIV/AIDS prevention and care.
Articles on HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care – The Buddhist Perspective on AIDS.

Caring for the Dying and Bereaved
Articles on Caring for Dying and Bereaved, Meditation and Death and Healing.
Ceremonies and Funeral Rites
Death and Dying: Tibetan Buddhist Tradition. Funeral rites in Tibet and Thailand and Chinese Funerals.

Download Archived Articles on Death & Dying
A selection of articles concerning Death and Dying.