Monks and Nuns in the Buddhist Community

S A N G H A ~ Documentary Photos by Friedrich Reg

Friedrich Reg Member and Adviser of the Buddhas’s Light International Association (BLIA)
Internationaler Buddhistischer Kulturverein e.V. Berlin-Deutschland
Member of the Buddhist Society of Munich
Representative of the German Buddhist Union (DBU) at The World Fellowship of Buddhists (WFB) WFB-Vice President

These photos were taken in course of Buddhist events around the world in a period of over 10 years comprising members of the SANGHA at different traditions, schools and countries.

Due to the inspiration and support of Ven. Man Cheh from BLIA (Berlin) approximately 90 pictures were selected for framing. Descriptive titles and text are in German, English, Vietnamese and Chinese. The first complete exhibition of these pictures was take at the inauguration at the new BLIA Temple in Berlin in 1999. It travelled shortly thereafter to the German Buddhist Union Convention – also in Berlin. Then it was featured in the Vien Giac Temple at the World Exhibition 2000 – EXPO 2000 Germany. And again that year the collection travelled to the General Conference of the World Fellowship of Buddhists in Thailand, the fifty year celebration of the founding of the WFB.

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