Psychotheraphy / Meditation

What is Buddhist Psychotheraphy?
by Dr Trish Sherwood

Buddhist psychotherapy is a contemporary western descriptor of a range of Buddhist influenced psychotherapy practices that Buddhist psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists have developed out of their meeting with Buddhism and their particular mental health field. Buddhist psychotherapy is based on the Buddhist model of the cause of mental suffering (the noble fourfold truths) and the notions of attachment, permanence and clinging to notions of self as the
perpetrating forces of mental suffering.

Buddhist psychotherapists use a range of Buddhist inspired practices to alleviate mental suffering these include insight and mindfulness meditation practices, as well as practices in compassion and loving-kindness meditation. There is a strong commitment to empowering the client to become aware of processes that create mental suffering and those activities and processes which alleviate mental suffering.

Dr Trish SherwoodDr Patricia Sherwood Phd, Grad Diploma (Special Education,) B.A. (UWA), Grad Diploma Arts, (counselling), PACAWA, SCAPE, PACFA, Advanced Diploma in Holistic Counselling (philophonetics)

Dr Sherwood has trained counsellors for community, private and government organisations for over a decade. She has extensive experience in tertiary education having lectured for 25 years in Universities in the areas of psychology, counselling, social sciences, cultural studies, youthwork and the human services. She has received several university awards for excellence in teaching both undergraduates and postgraduates.

Dr Sherwood publishes in the counselling field and her particular areas of research interest are counselling training, client experience and working with survivors of abuse. She has conducted her own clinical practice in psychotherapy for the past ten years. She is co-founder of Sophia College of Counselling Bunbury, Western Australia and teaches the modules in holistic counselling, counselling psychology, clay therapy and Buddhist psychotherapy.