Guide to Tipitaka


5. Pariværa Pæ¹i

Pariværa Pæ¹i which is Book V and the last book of the Vinaya Pi¥aka serves as a kind of manual. It is compiled in the form of a catechism, enabling the reader to make an analytical survey of the Vinaya Pi¥aka. All the rules, official acts, and other matters of the Vinaya are classified under separate categories according to subjects dealt with.

Pariværa explains how rules of the Order are drawn up to regulate the conduct of the bhikkhus as well as the administrative affairs of the Order. Precise procedures are prescribed for settling of disputes and handling matters of jurisprudence, for formation of Saµgha courts and appointment of well-qualified Saµgha judges. It lays down how Saµgha Vinicchaya Committee, the Saµgha court, is to be constituted with a body of learned Vinayadharas, experts in Vinaya rules, to hear and decide all kinds of monastic disputes.

The Pariværa Pæ¹i provides general principles and guidance in the spirit of which all the Saµgha Vinicchaya proceedings are to be conducted for settlement of monastic disputes.