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Mahayanan Websites

Amida Trust

Amida Trust is a Pureland Buddhist foundation with a particular interest in engaged work. Our Dharma Teacher, Dharmavidya David Brazier is the author of Zen Therapy, The Feeling Buddha and The New Buddhism. Amida Trust sponsors projects in Zambia, India, Sarajevo and UK and has a world-wide membership. It has a particular interest in Buddhist psychology and its application in many settings.

Tendai Buddhism

The web site is devoted to presenting Tendai Buddhism to a English speaking audience. Providing information on its history, esoteric ritual, daily practice and Sutra texts.

Pure Land Buddhism

This website is dedicated to disseminating information, about Pure Land Buddhism, primarily in Ireland. Rather than recreate the excellent information already available on numerous websites, links will be given to them. Some books and notes are available on the website and some books available by post.

Dharma Realm Buddhist Association

The Way-places (monasteries, centers, and offices) of the Dharma Realm Buddhist Association offer a range of practices and opportunities to study Buddha Dharma – twenty-some institutions. Some large centers, such as the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas, near Ukiah, California, contain both men and women monastics, as well as lay families. This site has Mahayana Buddhist Sutras in English translations and contact information of associated Monasteries and Centers.

Timeless Wisdom

Timeless Wisdom site is a synthesis of Madhyamika and Dzogchen/Mahamudra. Timeless Wisdom offers life-enhancing programs which combine the essence of traditions such as Zen and the Buddhist Middle Way with a deep understanding of interpersonal relationships.

Buddhapia (Korean Buddhism)

Hyundae Bulgyo Buddhist Newspaper (weekly) is the representative Buddhist medium in Korea with the highest circulation rate. It also operate a comprehensive information centre called ‘Buddhapia’ as a homepage on the Internet. Buddhapia is a comprehensive site on Korean Buddhism: Dharma Talks of Korean Zen (Seon) Masters; Books on Korean Buddhism; Korean Buddhism Terminology with English Translation and “Dharma Times” – an online magazine of Buddhist news from Korea.

Honmon Butsuyru Shu

Web page of the “Honmon Butsuyru Shu” sect of Nichiren Buddhism. They have two temples in the USA and several lay groups across the country.

Tendai Lotus Teachings

The Tendai Lotus Teachings Homepage describes the Tendai lineage as practiced in Japan. This site is dedicated towards presenting Tendai Teachings in the English language directly from authentic Japanese sources. The site is also officially linked with Mount Hie (Tendai HQ) to translate its monthly bulletin, the Jiho.

Dallas Buddhist Association

This is a Pure Land School website in English and Chinese. It aims to understand Buddhism as an education not as a religion. This is the Buddha’s teaching throungh the Pure Land Dharma door. The teacher is the Most Venerable Master Chin Kung.

The Heartland Sangha

The Heartland Sangha is a group of American Buddhists affiliated with the American Buddhist Association. It is interested in American Buddhism as developed by the venerable Rev. Gyomay Kubose. We enjoy periodic social get-togethers and fun activities as well as involving ourselves in various social action programs. We are a non-sectarian group that practices the way of Oneness, a non-dualistic approach to Buddhism.

Friends of the Western Buddhist Order

The FWBO was founded by an English Buddhist, Sangharakshita who spent many years studying Buddhism in India, before returning to the West. The FWBO is a network of communities, meditation centers and other institutions dedicated to bringing the spirit of Buddhism to the West. Now that Buddhism has come to the West, westerners are faced with the task of creating new and viable Buddhist traditions for the modern world. Over the last thirty years the FWBO has grown to be one of the largest Buddhist movements in the West, with center’s and activities in many cities around the world.

EverLife Foundation

Website of the EverLife Buddhist Education Center, which provides teachings based on The Lotus Sutra, Nichiren and Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo.

Nichiren’s Coffeehouse

Providing information and resources on the various Nichiren Buddhist Movements chanting Nam(u) Myoho Renge Kyo, including Nichiren Shu, Kempon Hokke, SGI, Nichiren Shoshu, Rissho Koseikai, Honmon Butsuryushu, as well as various secular sources. Also includes numerous perspectives on the Lotus Sutra including Zen, Tibetan, Shin, Theravada and Tendai links. An Associate.

Shin Buddhism

Boston Shinshu News: The positive response from Shin Buddhists from Japan across North America and to Europe is very heart-warming! Shin Buddhism in America is a century old. Until recent decades it was associated almost exclusively with the culture and descendents of its land of origin, Japan. But lately there has been a surge of interest on a much broader ethnic base worldwide. Shin Buddhism is the quiet call of Amida Buddha from within each of us. May we all grow in the Nembutsu!


SGI-USA is an American lay organization of practitioners of the Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin, a 13th century Japanese monk who taught that the Lotus Sutra contains the ultimate wisdom and purpose of the Buddha, and that each person can manifest the Buddha inherent in all humankind by chanting the title of the Lotus Sutra, “Nam-myoho-renge-kyo”. It is unique in this regard, though there are other schools which uphold the Lotus Sutra as the Buddha’s supreme teaching.

Vietnamese Buddhist Virtual Library

This site covers a variety of topics related to Buddhism: Dharma talks, Sutras, Buddhist News and Information for Buddhist students of all experiences. Both written in English and Vietnamese. No special Vietnamese Font required.

QuangDuc Homepage

This website (in English and Vietnamese) has articles and information on: Buddhism in Vietnam; The Quynh Lam pagoda; Zen Buddhism and poetry; Prominent Figures of Vietnamese Buddhism; The Buddhist Pantheon in Vietnam; Two Buddhist Literary Tendencies; Notes on Vietnam Pagodas Conversation with Dhyanist Monks and Theravada Buddhism in Vietnam.

Taking a Path to Peace

Nichidatsu Fujii: Taking a Path to Peace. Information on the teachings of Nichidatsu Fujii and the continuing work of his order, Nipponzan Myohoji, through pagodas dedicated to peace, walks, and constant devotion to Nichiren Buddhist practice.

The Than Hsiang Temple

The Than Hsiang Temple has constructed its own Audio Visual website to keep up with the advancement in the electronic media. This website is designed to bring you the latest Dharma talks and events in video format. Currently, we have produced a series of VCD, CD, MP3 and CR-ROM catering for all Buddhist traditions, be it Mahayana, Theravada or Vajrayana.

Shin Dharma Net

This is an informational and scholarly resource for Shin Buddhism, a major tradition in Japanese Buddhism, as well as within the United States. The page offers, essays, sections on Shin thought by prominent scholars, devotional materials, bibliography etc. Also a self-study course on Shin Buddhism in modern culture.

Jodo Shin Shu Buddhism

Buddhist sect founded on the works of Shonan Shinran. Contains stories, links, sermons, dharma talks and discussions hosted by a Buddhist Monk.

Dharmavastu: A Centre for Buddhist Study & Practice

Dharmavastu runs retreats on various aspects of Buddhism including early Buddhism and the Mahayana. It also offers correspondence based study programmes and solitary retreat facilities. It also publishes original material relating to Dharma study. It is based in North Wales and associated with the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order.

Nan Hua Temple

In 1992, the Bronkhorstspruit City Council donated 15 hectares of land to the Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Order to be developed into a Chinese Buddhist, Cultural, and Educational Complex. Ven. Master Hsing Yun sent one of his long-time disciples, Ven. Master Hui Li, to build the Nan Hua Temple in Bronkhorstspruit, to attain these goals and promote Buddhism on the African continent. Since then, the Nan Hua Temple Guesthouse, African Buddhist Seminary (ABS), Nan Hua Village, Assembly Hall, Zen Retreat Centre have been completed.

Pertubuhan Budhis Manju Suddhi (PBMS) – Manju Suddhi Buddhist Association.

The association has been establish since 1978 in Kajang town, Selangor State of Malaysia. We are practicing Mahayana Teaching and we also provide a lot of Buddhist related activities. The website is to promote the association and others information about PBMS.

Buddha Art (Mahayana Buddhist Art by Brian Barry)

A selection of translations, articles and art works by the Seoul-based American artist, including the first creative works ever done in a Royal Thai Temple, Wat Suthat, by a non-Thai. Galleries include temple and Bodhisattva paintings, Bodhidharmas and creative works.

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