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Magazines and Journals

The Western Buddhist Review

This on-line Buddhist journal explores Buddhism from a contemporary and Western perspective. It includes book reviews, translations, and articles on different aspects of Buddhism. Submissions are invited. The Western Buddhist Review is an electronic Journal of Buddhist ideas. It publishes articles and papers that explore the principles of Buddhism, in particular as practised within the tradition known as the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order.

Turning Wheel

Journal of the The Buddhist Peace Fellowship. “Our style of open-minded, open-hearted engaged Buddhism, our expanding programs in Asia and the United States, and our lively, immediate journal, serves as a beacon for Dharma activists committed to transforming the world and themselves.” “…[it] brings a sharp focus to urgent matters of peace, social justice, environmental activism, and dharma practice in 48 pages of articles, interviews, poetry, art, and book reviews.”

Shambhala Sun Magazine (Now known as Lion’s Roar)

Shambala Sun, the online version of the magazine. Inspired by Buddhism and the world’s great contemplative traditions, the Shambhala Sun magazine brings compassion and insight to the arts, politics, relationships, social issues, livelihood, and all aspects of life in the modern world. Winner of the Utne Reader award for best magazine under 50,000 circulation. “Wherever society and spirituality intersect, you’ll find enlightened coverage from the Shambhala Sun.”

Forest Sangha’s Newsletter

The Forest Sangha is a world-wide Buddhist community in the Thai Forest tradition of Ajahn Chah. The newsletter contains news, views, articles, transcribed talks, poems, tutorials, contact addresses, forthcoming events, retreat schedules, etc.

Tashi Deleg

Tashi Deleg is Padma Samye Ling’s recently launched news bulletin. Published once monthly, we will keep you updated on the activities of our beloved Khenpos, the status of our ongoing projects, upcoming events, and ways for you to get involved. ‘Tashi Deleg’ is Tibetan for ‘auspicious prosperity, happiness, joy, comfort, and goodness’!

Journal of Global Buddhism

The Journal of Global Buddhism has been established to promote the study of Buddhism’s globalization and its transcontinental interrelatedness. The Journal of Global Buddhism is a scholarly academic journal employing a blind peer review evaluation process, and is innovative in adopting a totally electronic mode of publication.

Journal of the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives

“The Order of Buddhist Contemplatives publishes a quarterly Journal containing articles on meditation and Buddhist training, written by Rev. Master Jiyu-Kennett, priests and lay ministers of the Order, and congregation members.” “The Journal also contains important announcements from the Order, newly-translated scriptures, and information on new books published by Shasta Abbey Press. An additional feature of the Journal is news, announcements, and photographs from the monasteries and priories of the Order, all of which help us take refuge in and keep in touch with one another.

Mandala Magazine

This is a magazine that captures the life and times of a vibrant Tibetan Buddhist organization flourishing in 31 countries. It is published six times a year in February, April, June, August, October and December by the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition. Mandala offers a look at the culture, practice and experiences of an international community that has a clear and practical approach to the challenges of the 21st century.
Mandala’s editorial policy is to always convey the power and relevance of the Buddha’s teachings. “We offer people what we have,” said Lama Thubten Yeshe, one of the founders of FPMT, “that is, the combined knowledge of Buddha’s teachings and the modern way of life.”

The Middle Way

The Middle Way is the Buddhist Society UK substantial quarterly journal, contains articles by noted Buddhist teachers and scholars on various aspects of Buddhist theory, practice, history, etc., as well as other material of ancillary interest. It is fully illustrated, with a photographic centre-spread on art paper. Each issue also includes book reviews, the Society’s programme for the forthcoming quarter and Buddhist news from the Society, Great Britain and from around the world.

Dharma Today

Dharma Today Online Buddhist Magazine is based in Canada and is dedicated to exploring ways of applying Buddhist teachings to the problems of day-to-day living. The objective is to learn to live happier, gentler, and saner lives.

Dharma the Cat

Philosophy with fur. Cartoons that blend humour and spirituality. On the rocky path to Nirvana, with a Buddhist cat, a novice monk and a mouse hell-bent on cheese.

Kaihan E-Magazine

The Kaihan Internet Magazine is an on-line magazine of Poetry, Articles, Essays on Zen Buddhism and has Buddhist Links. The Kaihan is supported by the sales of Zafus, Zabutons, and Incense to Zen Centers and Zen Students.

Journal of Shin Buddhism. seeks to convey the great breadth and depth, which the Pure Land teaching offers to those who are looking for an accessible spiritual path in the modern world.

Gateway Journal and Zen Karmics™

Gateway Journal was created in response to the enormous volume of mail we receive from prisoners nationwide inquiring about meditative training. Gateway offers advice on practice and features articles for prisoners by teachers of various traditions. Articles by Buddhist prisoners are a regular feature. An installment of Zen Karmics appears in each issue. Gateway Journal is free to prisoners. Articles by American spiritual teachers will be featured from time to time. The needs and concerns of prisoners will be addressed in a letters to the editor section. Issues of inmate religious rights and legal commentary will be presented. Assistance in establishing prison practice communities and networking to provide volunteer support for them will take place through the pages of Gateway.


eZine version of Tricycle: The Buddhist Review (Magazine) Tricycle was founded in 1991 as a non-profit quarterly magazine with an educational charter to spread the dharma. It is a subscription-driven magazine (in contrast to an ad-driven publication). Why “Tricycle”? The essential components of a tricycle – three, vehicle, and wheel – correspond to concepts found throughout Buddhist history. We speak of three treasures: the Buddha, Dharma, Sangha; of turning the Wheel of Dharma; and of the three great vehicles of Buddhism: Theravada, Mahayana, and Vajrayana.

Hundred Mountain

“Hundred Mountain: A Journal of the Spirit and the Arts” takes both a serious and a lighthearted look at fitting spiritual practice and meditation into daily life, with articles, interviews with monks, a resource list, reviews of books and movies, humor columns and such features as “The Buddhascope,” which tracks popular culture references to Buddhism

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