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Buddhist Books Websites

Buddhist Publication Society

Readings in Theravada Buddhism: This is a fairly large and complex website, containing hundreds of books, articles, sutta translations, and more.

Buddhist Publishing Group

Formed in 1983 to publish Buddhist Books and talks (now on CD) authors include: Ajahn Sumedho, Trevor Leggett, John Blofeld, Geshe Tashi Tsering, Diana St Ruth, Professor Richard Gombrich. Covering a wide range of topics from all schools of Buddhism.

Snow Lion Publications

SLP on the World Wide Web contains information about Tibet and Tibet-related events. This page also contains a production-schedule for Snow Lion books and in-depth reviews of new books on a variety of Buddhist topics.

Rangjung Yeshe Publications

Dedicated to presenting high quality translations of authentic Buddhist literature as well as commentaries by contemporary Tibetan Buddhist masters, primarily in the Mahamudra and Dzogchen traditions.

Wisdom Publications Website

Wisdom Publications is dedicated to making available authentic Buddhist works for the benefit of all. We publish translations of the sutras and tantras, commentaries and teachings of past and contemporary Buddhist masters, and original works by the world’s leading Buddhist scholars. We publish our titles with the appreciation of Buddhism as a living philosophy and with the special commitment to preserve and transmit important works from all the major Buddhist traditions.

Shambala’s Publications Website

A major Buddhist publisher – well worth a visit for the excellent offerings. Shambhala has specialized in books that present creative and conscious ways of transforming the individual, the society, and the planet. Shambhala worldview publishes in a wide variety of subject areas, including psychology and the sciences, the arts and creativity, business and economics, and health and healing.

Windhorse Books

Windhorse Books is a non-profit business run by Australian Buddhists in the spirit of the Buddha’s teachings. Our aim is to make available quality books on Buddhism and meditation. It also provides an extensive selection of Buddhist educational resources, images and cards.

Buddhist Text Translation Society

The Buddhist Text Translation Society aims to translate the orthodox Mahayana Buddhist canon from Chinese to western languages. We are part of the Dharma Realm Buddhist Association founded by Master Hsuan Hua. We have to date published over 100 English language texts. We would be happy to send you review copies of any of the titles you might be interested in.


Zolag formerly Triple Gem Press) is a publisher of books on Theravada Buddhism. Currently we have six books in print and nine books in electonic format using two authors, Nina van Gorkom and Sujin Boriharnwanaket. Miss Sujin Boriharnwanaket is a founder member of The Dhamma Study and Support Foundation in Thailand. She has Buddhist radio programmes daily, has lectured for many years at a leading Thai Temple and has had several books published. Nina van Gorkom is a prolific writer on Buddhism and has had her work published in several languages throughout the world.

Bodhi Publishing

Bodhi Publishing is a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to publishing books on universal awakening as transmitted by Namgyal Rinpoche for the benefit of all sentient beings. Our vision is to share these teachings with those who are interested in and committed to developing awareness, wisdom and compassion in their daily lives. In doing so we strive to make each publication a work of high quality craftsmanship.

Dharma Publishing

Dharma Publishing is non-profit, California based Buddhist publisher associated with the Nyingma Institute and the Yeshe De Text Preservation Project. Our website offers a large selection of books and sacred art as well as being a resource for those seeeking information about Buddhism and Buddhist teachings.

Parallax Press

This site represents the activities of Parallax Press, the Community of Mindful Living, and Plum Village, Thich Nhat Hanh’s community in France.

Pali Text Society

The society was founded in 1881 by T.W. Rhys Davids “to foster and promote the study of Pali texts”. During the Society’s first 100 years of existence the entire Pali canon was published in the Roman script, and the greater part was translated into English. All the major commentaries (atthakathas) were also published, and a few were translated. In addition to these canonical and commentarial texts, many other post-canonical texts were edited and translated. The Society published a Pali-English Dictionary, an English-Pali Dictionary, about half of a Pali Tipitakham Concordance, and a number of ancillary works, including an Introduction to Pali, which could be used as a primer of Pali grammar for those wishing to learn the language by themselves, and also as a reader since it included lengthy extracts from Pali texts.

The Buddhist Society UK Publications

The Society’s own publishing activities date back more than 50 years. From time to time it publishes books and papers on Buddhism and related subjects. It has built up a small but select list containing several Buddhist classics including: The Dhammapada edited by Jack Austin. An Introduction to Buddhism by Ven. Dr Saddhatissa. Buddhism for schools and Colleges (Papers) by Anil Goonewardene. The Suramgamasamadhi Sutra: Concentration of Heroic Progress, Translated into French and annotated by Etienne Lamotte. Translated into English, by Sara Boin Webb. It also has a Zen Centre Publications section.

Tharpa Publications

Tharpa Publications is a non-profit corporation that publishes the works of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. It is part of the New Kadampa Tradition – an organization dedicated to promoting Kadampa Buddhism worldwide. Geshe Kelsang has published 19 books, which range from extremely accessible introductory works to highly acclaimed commentaries on the most profound aspects of Sutra and Tantra.

Pariyatti Book Service

Pariyatti Book Service’s link is included here for those interested in a range of books similar to “Dhamma Books” from a company based in the United States. Both websites are from the S.N.Goenka Vipassana tradition.

Buddha’s Light Publishing

Buddha’s Light Publishing was established to publish Buddhist books translated by Fo Guang Shan International Translation Center as well as other valuable Buddhist works. Buddha’s Light Publishing is committed to building bridges between East and West, Buddhist communities, and cultures. All proceeds from our book sales support Buddhist propagation efforts.

Tharpa Publications

Our high-quality books provide a unique and comprehensive presentation of the essential teachings and practices of Mahayana Buddhism. The emphasis throughout is on the practical application of Buddhist principles to our modern way of life. We have big extracts from all our books, and glossary terms which you can collect and compile into a fascinating and informative resource. Latest news of new titles and additions to our product range will be posted to the site.

Mind Only Cafe

Mind Only Cafe, created by Professor Joe Wilson of the University of North Carolina, is a fine compendium of Buddhist and Asian art resources. This link also features Yogacara Buddhism and Religious Studies information..

Chinese Buddhist Electronic Texts Association

The “Chinese Buddhist Electronic Text Association” was formally established on February 15, 1998 with support from the Yinshun Foundation of North-America, Puti Educational Foundation and Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies to create, maintain and distribute free of charge an electronic version of the Chinese Buddhist Triptitaka.

Bibliography of Children’s Buddhist Literature

A collection of first editions of children’s Buddhist books. The ones I own are marked above with the publishers and dates of publication listed apply to the first printings of these books. Many of them were reprinted — sometimes in revised form — again in later years, sometimes by different publishers. Please feel free to email suggested additions, or corrections to the list.

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