Dharma Data: Abhidhamma Pitaka

The third book in the Tipitaka of all the Buddhist schools was called the Abhidhamma Pitaka which consisted of text and treatise on Abhidhamma. The two most important Abhidhamma Pitakas were those of the Theravada and the Saravastanada schools. The first of these contains seven books – Dhammasaghani, Vibangha, Dhatukatha, Puggalapanati, Kathanathu Yamaka and Pathana. Some of the works in the Saranastavadin Abhidhamma Pitaka are now lost but the encyclopedic commentary that was written on it, the Mahavibhasa is still studied.

Ven. Nyanatiloka, Guide Through the Abhidamma Pitaka, Kandy, 1983.