Secondary Level Buddhism

Work Units

Unit 1 : The Buddhist Way ?
    Origin and History of Buddhism

Unit 2 : The Four Noble Truths
    Principle Buddhist Teachings

Unit 3 : Buddha’s Wisdom
    Qualities of Buddha

Unit 4 : Becoming a buddhist
    Taking Refuge in The Triple Gem

▸ Unit 5 : Experiencing Buddhism
    The Nature of Humanity and Suffering

▸ Unit 6 : The Four Immeasurables
    Loving-kindness, Compassion, Joy & Equanimity

▸ Unit 7 : Family and Society
    Influences on the Everyday Life of People

▸ Unit 8: Contemporary Issues
    The Buddhist approach to a Contemporary World

Resource Material

The Buddhist World
    The Monastic Lifestyle, Pilgrimage, Spread of Buddhism

Buddhist History and Culture
The Scriptures. Devotional Practice, Women in Buddhism

The Meditation Class
Instruction in Insight and Loving-kindness Meditation
Online Research Projects
    Research a buddhist project using the Internet

Buddhist Studies eBook Library
    Supplementary Materials and Text in PDF Format

Life of the Buddha: Part 1 and Part 2
    Biography – Origins and History