Light Meditation

BuddhaNet's Guided Meditation for Primary Students

(Buddhist value: The children learn about the importance of offering lights to the Buddha and its significance in the Buddhist context)

Imagine that you are a lotus candle. Someone walks toward you and lights your wick. You are now giving out a small glow of orange light. Slowly, your whole body becomes an orange colour. Feel yourself giving out warm orange light. Someone lifts you up and places you on the shrine table.

Your warm orange light is like the brightness of wisdom. You are now shining brightly, as bright as you can be, to drive away the darkness of ignorance. Your light symbolizes the Buddha’s teachings. His teachings help and guide us when we are in darkness. When we behave badly and get angry, it is as if we are in darkness. We need the light of the Buddha’s teachings to help us.

Your light helps to remind people not to remain in darkness but to brighten themselves with the Buddha’s teachings.

You are the bright orange light. Feel yourself expanding, your light going out further and further, until it shines through the whole temple, then further until it shines through the whole country, and still further until it covers the whole world. You are as big as the whole world and your light breaks through all the darkness and shines out in every direction. Your light of wisdom is touching all of space. Continue giving out orange light in every direction.