The Book of Protection

By Venerable Piyadassi Thera


Protective Discourse to Angulimala

(Angulimala Paritta)

The Venerable Angulimala while on his rounds for alms in Savatthi saw a woman in travail. After his meal he approached the Buddha and told him what he had seen. Thereupon the master taught him this paritta. He then went to the presence of the suffering sister, sat on a seat separated from her by a screen, and made this asseveration of the Truth. Instantly she gave birth to the child with great ease. The efficacy of the Angulimala Paritta persists to this day.

This Sutta is not included in the ‘Book of Protection’. The words, uttered by the Buddha by way of protection, and learnt by the Venerable Angulimala, are found in the Angulimala sutta (Majjhima nikaya, sutta no. 86).

‘The very water that washed the seat of him who recited this Paritta has put an end to all danger. At that very moment this paritta effected a safe delivery of the infant.’

‘Now we shall recite that very efficacious Paritta uttered by the Protector of the world (Buddha) which holds good for an aeon.’ (1)

“Since I was born of Aryan birth (2), O sister, I am not aware of having intentionally deprived any living being of his life. By this asseveration of Truth may you be well! May thy unborn child be well !”

1. Majjhima Com.
2. i.e. since Angulimala joined the Sangha, the Order.

Invitation to Deities


May devas (deities) of all world systems assemble here, and listen to that sublime Dhamma of the Great Sage (Buddha) which confers the bliss of heaven and deliverance (Nibbana).

Good friends, now is time for listening to the Dhamma.

At the end of the recital of each discourse the reciters bless the listeners thus:

By the asseveration of this truth may you ever be well.
By the asseveration of this truth may you be free from illness.
By the asseveration of this truth may all blessings be upon you.
By the (protective) power of all Buddhas, Pacceka Buddhas and all Arahants I secure my (your) protection in every way.

(The preceding stanza is recited at the moment the thread is being tied round the arm.)

May all misfortunes be warded off, may all ailments cease; may no calamities befall you; may you live long in peace.

May all blessings be upon you. May all devas (deities) protect you.
By the protective power of all the Buddhas may safety ever be yours.
By the protective power of all the Dhamma may safety ever be yours.
By the protective power of all the Sangha may safety ever be yours.

By the power of this paritta (protection) may you be free from all dangers arising from malign influences of the planets, demons and spirits. May thy misfortunes vanish.

By the power of the Buddha may all evil omens and untoward circumstances, the ominous cry of birds, the malign conjunctions of the stars, and evil dreams be rendered nugatory.

By the power of the Dhamma…..(as before) be rendered nugatory.
By the power of the Sangha…..(as before) be rendered nugatory.

May those beings who suffer be free from suffering.
May those beings who are in fear be free from fear.
May those beings who are in grief be free from grief.

May the rains fall in due season; may there be a rich harvest; may the world prosper; may the ruler be righteous.

May beings, celestial and terrestrial, Devas and Nagas of mighty power, share this merit of ours. May they long protect the Dispensation.

May all beings share this merit which we have thus acquired. May it redound to their happiness.

Let this (merit) accrue to my relatives; may they be well and happy.

From the highest realm of existence to Avici hell, whatever beings that are born – those with form and the formless ones, those with or without consciousness – may they all be free from suffering! May they attain Nibbana!

By the power of the immense merit I have acquired by paying homage to the ‘Triple Gem’ (Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha) which is eminently worthy of reverence, may all dangers cease!