Chart of Elements

1. Mandala of Great Bliss with a lotus flower center housing six deities including Kalachakra and Vishvamata, Askshobhya and Prajnaparamita, Vajrasattva and Vajradhatvishvari surrounded by eight shaktis
2. Mandala of Enlightened Wisdom
3. Mandala of Enlightened Mind
4. Mandala of Enlightened Speech
5. Mandala of Enlightened Body
6. Animals representing the months of the year
7. Half vajras with half-moons, each adorned with a red jewel
8. Geometric shapes symbolizing the six elements, which are the five physical elements (fire, water, earth, air, space) plus the wisdom element (consciousness)
9. Thirty-six offering goddesses represented by Sanskrit seed-syllables
10. Double vajras which correspond to each of the four directions
11. Hanging garlands and half-garlands of white pearls surrounding the eight auspicious signs
12. Downspouts, which release rainwater from the palace roof
13. Half-lotus petal design symbolizing protection from afflictive emotion
14. Seven animals pulling a chariot that holds two protective deities; seven elephants are here in the western quadrant
15. Western gate of the Mandala of Enlightened Body
16. Offering garden
17. Earth element circle filled with interlocking crosses representing earth’s stability
18. Water element circle containing wavelike ripples
19. Senge Kangpa Gyepa, an eight-legged lion pulling a cart containing two wrathful protective deities
20-21. This whole area is known as the cemetery grounds and is composed of the fire element circle (20) and the wind element circle(21)
22. Wheel of Dharma with a pair of protective deities in the center
23. Sanskrit seed-syllables
24. Space element circle containing an interlocking fence of golden vajras
25. Wisdom element circle, also known as the Great Protective Circle