The Buddha - Vipassana - J. Krishnamurti

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Sleep and Dreams


The psychologists, the fashionable ones and the well established ones, say that you must dream otherwise something is wrong with you. We have never asked ourselves why we dream at all. We have never asked ourselves whether we can give the mind complete rest, not only at those moments when we are alone in solitude with ourselves, but also when we are asleep-but to have complete rest, without any dreams, without any conflict, without any problems. In that state the mind can renew itself, can become fresh, young, innocent. But if the mind is all the time tortured by problems, by conflict, by innumerable contradictory desires, then dreams are inevitable…

Because if you are really awake during the day, watching every thought, every feeling, every movement of the mind, your angers, your bitterness, your envies, your hates, your jealousies, watching your reactions when you are flattered, when you are insulted, when you are neglected, when you feel lonely, watching all that, and the trees, the movement of the water, being greatly aware of everything outside you, inwardly, then the whole of the unconsciousness, as well as the conscious, is opened up. You don’t have to wait for the night to sleep, to have the intimations of the unconscious. Then, if you do this, watch your mind in operation, your feelings, your heart, your reactions-that is, if you know yourself as you are in your relationships with the outer and with your own feelings-then you will see that when you go to sleep there is no dreaming at all. Then the mind becomes an extraordinary instrument which is always renewing itself-because there is no conflict at all, it is always fresh.

-Pg 45-47 (July 67 Saanen)
Talks and Dialogues J. Krishnamurti
Avon Books New York.


Sabba asattiyo chetva, vineyya hadaye daram.
Upsanto sukham seti, santim pappuyya chetsa.

– chulvagga, anathpindik vatthu

Ending all attachment, ending fear from heart, he sleeps peacefully with a serene mind.

Dhammachari Sukham Seti

– Dhammapada 169 Lokavagga

One who dwells in Dhamma sleeps peacefully.