The Buddha - Vipassana - J. Krishnamurti

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You Have To ‘Go Into’ The Teachings Yourself


Nobody, unless the body has been prepared, very carefully, protected and so on-nobody can understand what went through this body. Nobody. Don’t anybody pretend. Nobody. I repeat this: nobody amongst us or the public, know what went on. I know they don’t. And now after seventy years it has come to an end. Not that that intelligence and energy – it’ s somewhat here, every day, and especially at night. And after seventy years the body can’t stand it – can’t stand any more. It can’t. The Indians have a lot of damned superstitions about this – that you will and the body goes – and all that kind of nonsense. You won’t find another body like this, or that supreme intelligence operating in a body for many hundred years. You won’t see it again. When he goes, it goes. There is no consciousness left behind of that consciousness, of that state. They’ll all pretend or try to imagine they can get into touch with that. Perhaps they will somewhat if they live the teachings. But nobody has done it. Nobody. And so that’s that.

When Scott asked him to clarify some of what he had said in this statement for fear it might be misunderstood he became ‘very upset’ with him and said, ‘You have no right to interfere in this.’

As I said earlier, K knew far more than anyone else can ever hope to know about who and what he was, and in this last recording he ever made was he not sharing with us all something of what he did know which he had never revealed before? This sharing is surely an ineffable privilege. Did he not intend this message to be for all of us? Is he not telling us that the work is done, that it will not, and does not need to, be done again – at any rate not for a very long time? Nor is he taking away hope from us, for he tells us again, as he had maintained most of his life, that if we live the teachings we may be able touch ‘that’. If. The teachings are there. The rest is up to us.

After this last tape K had nine more days to live.

-Pg 149, Biography of K by Mary Lutyens

Vol III (The open door)

In oneself lies the whole world, and if you know how to look and learn, then the door is there and the key is in your hand. Nobody on earth can give you either that key or the door to open, except yourself.

-Pg 158 You are the world

You can propagate an idea, but you cannot propagate truth. I go around pointing out Truth; and it is for you to recognize it or not.

-K’s talks 1949-1950 (Verbatim Report)…India Pg. 5.


Tumhe hi Kicchmatappam, akkhataro tathagata

.- Dhammapada 276 maggavagga

You have to work out your own Salvation. Tathagatas only show the way.

(tathagata = The Enlightened One – One who lives the way He preaches )