Brahmavihara Dhamma

Part VII by Ven. Mahasi Sayadaw

(114) Kusala which should be relied upon and performed (continuation)

What have now been stated are those kusala-dhamma which need be questioned. Included among these acts of kusala are Samatha-bhavana-kusala and Vipassana-kusala called metta, karuna and mudita; with an explanation as to how these are derived. Immense merits have been derived by you all for having listened to the teachings relating to the said kusala-dhamma. You have also personally understood these Dhamma and have gained the requisite knowledge in Dhamma. The knowledge will be enhanced and the fruits thereof will ripen in future. The advantages which will accrue to you have been explained by the Buddha in the following manner:

Manava – 0, Subha, the lad, esa patipada – questions put as to what is meant by akusala? What are said to be kusala, and the answers thereto having been heard, the practice of noting and retaining them in memory, mahapannasamvattanika – will cause to bring wisdom and high intellectual power.

These seven (7) kinds, broadly speaking fourteen (14) kinds, are the bad and good results or effects due to immoral and moral actions which have been personally done by the living beings. These resultant effects, good or bad, are not the creation of anybody. These are the actions or kamma done in former existences. These are to be explained in terms of the present kamma.