Brahmavihara Dhamma

Part VII by Ven. Mahasi Sayadaw

(98) Kammic cause of ugliness and fair complexion

(3A) A person who speaks harshly and behaves badly through an outburst of anger, nay, who does things in great anger, is likely to descend to the Apaya – Hell. If he happens to be reborn in the world of human beings, he will probably have ugly looks or complexion. This statement has been rendered in brief as mentioned below:

“Dubbannasamvattanika esa manava patipada yadidam kodhano hoti.”

Mavana – 0, Subha, the lad, yadidam-ya ayam – a certain person, kodhano – is full of wrath or anger, hoti – so is he. Tassa – His, esa patipada – ingrained habit of flaring up into a rage, dubbannasamvattanika – is likely to bring about ugliness or bad complexion and unpleasant looks.

If anger arises, his facial expression and demeanour will immediately change for the worse and his personal appearance will be ugly. It has been stated that as a custom of this rising anger, he may probably be born ugly throughout the rounds of existences (samsara) on his becoming a human being. A motto is now being composed as: “Flame of anger causes ugliness.”

If patience can be exercised without yielding to anger in the face of unbearable harsh language or hostile verbal attacks made on him, he is likely to reach the world of Devas (Sugati) in his next existence. If he reaches the human existence, it is most likely that he will have a very fair complexion, handsome looks and a good personality. This has been preached in a concise manner as follows:

(3B) “Pasadikasamvattanika esa manava patipada yadidam akkodhano hoti.

Manava – 0, Subha, the lad, Yadidam-yo Ayam – a certain person, akkodhano – is patient without any feeling of anger, hoti – it so happens. Tassa – His, esa patipada – noble conduct of patience without anger, pasadikasamvattanika – is likely to cause his personal appearance to become beautiful and respectful. The gist of it is expressed in the form of a motto which follows. Let us do the recitation in conjunction with what has been stated herein before.

“Flame of anger causes ugliness; patience brings beauty.”

If desirous of having a handsome appearance and fair complexion, it is essential to try to practise and inculcate the spirit of patience. Now it is time to give an answer to the fourth question. This answer in Pali for which the explanation was rendered, has been mentioned in Part 6 of the Dhamma, Hence, it would appear adequate if we just recite the Motto.