Brahmavihara Dhamma

Part V, by Ven, Mahasi Sayadaw

(71) How to develop Karuna according to the phrase

          “Sabbe Satta Dukkha Muccantu”

          “May all beings be free from misery, and suffering.”

          (Repeat three times)

Beings in Hell or Naraka are suffering torments; petas also, as beings condemned to suffering, are in misery. Animals, such as, buffaloes, cattle, goats, pigs, fowls, birds and so on, are also in a state of suffering. Among human beings, some are subjected’ to persistent ill-treatment by those’ who have the upper hand. Some are afflicted with various kinds of diseases, while some are undergoing hardships and are in a miserable state. Some are physically and mentally distressed being at loggerheads with, one another among themselves, whereas some are greatly depressed because of dotage, sickness and death. Some are bereaved and lamenting due to loss of their dear and beloved ones. Some are in trouble for having lost their business deals, or for destruction of their wealth or property. Some are ridden with grief for being separated from their loved ones. Among Devas also, some are in misery because of their insatiable desires. On the eve of their death when ill omens of their next existence come into vision, they become extremely dejected. We shall therefore bring such beings to our mind and develop karuna wishing them escape from various kinds of miserable or unhappy conditions which they are undergoing. Please follow the recitation and develop karuna.