Brahmavihara Dhamma

Part II

by Ven. Mahasi Sayadaw

(25) How to suppress anger by reflecting on the attributes of the Bodhisatta

If anger is not yet abated or subdued by reflection as stated in the foregoing, it should be suppressed by reflecting on the noble qualities or the attributes of the Buddha in his various states of existence previous to attaining Buddhahood.

The manner of reflection is:

“Oh, noble Yogi, the Buddha’s disciple! Your Teacher, the Lord Buddha, in his capacity as a Bodhisatta, i.e. in his existences prior to attainment of his Enlightenment, for a period of four Asankheyyas (aeons) and a lakh Kappas while relentlessly exercising the virtues required of a Bodhisatta to accomplish the paramittas (perfection), had practised forbearance or patience without polluting the mind with anger even against all sorts of murderers who were his enemies. The way of practising patience is illustrated in the Visuddhimagga beginning from the story of Silava as an example. But now we shall cite an example of practising patience that can be found in the Khantivadi Jataka story.