Bodh Gaya

Bodh Gaya: where the Buddha was Enlightened

Ven. S. Dhammaika

About the Author

Venerable Shravasti Dhammika is a distinguished lecturer and Buddhist monk from Australia. He has spoken on Buddhism and Asian religions in universities and on television and radio in Australia and throughout Asia.

Ven Dhammaika is the author of many popular books on Buddhism: 

All About Buddhism – published by BDMS 1
An in-depth study of the Buddha’s teachings. Ideal as a textbook for an introductory Dhamma course.

Good Question, Good Answer – published by Sukhi Hotu Dhamma Publication (Also available as a BuddhaNet eBook)

Questions on: What is Buddhism? Basic Buddhist Concepts, The Buddhist Scriptures, About Monks and Nuns, Rebirth, Vegetarianism, Becoming a Buddhist, Buddhism and the God-idea, and many more are answered by Ven. Dhammika.

Matreceta’s Hymn to the Buddha – published by BDMS
A translation of 1st Century Buddhist devotional literature.

Buddha Vacana – published by BDMS
Daily readings from the sacred literature of Buddhism

Navel of the Earth – published by BDMS
An account of the history and legends surrounding Bodh Gaya, the most sacred of the Buddhist sites.

Buddha and His Disciples – published by BDMS (Also available as a BuddhaNet eBook)
Discover what the Buddha was like through his interactions with his contemporaries.

Middle Land Middle Way – published by BDMS
A comprehensive guidebook to the Buddha’s India.

The Edicts of King Asoka – published by BDMS
A small anthology of 210 verses from the Pali Tipitaka.

Encounters with Buddhism – published by BDMS
Essays by people from both East and West, telling of their conversion to Buddhism.

Sayings of the Buddha – published by BDMS
Selected saying from the Pali Tipitaka.

Rahula Leads the Way – published by BDMS (Also available as a BuddhaNet eBook)
A book for children with delightful full-colour illustrations – co-authored and illustrated by Susan Harmer.

The Buddha and His Friends – published by Times Books International
The life of the Buddha and related stories in full-colour cartoon format, co-authored and illustrated by Susan Harmer.