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Dharma Talks

This is a collection of Audio Dharma talks by Buddhist teachers of various traditions. If you have quality audio material to contribute to this section, it would be much appreciated.

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"The Buddha's Teaching As It Is" - An Introductory Course

10 Audio talks in MP3 format, by Bhikkhu Bodhi - recorded at the Washington Buddhist Vihara.

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“The Perfection of Wisdom” A discourse on The Heart Sutra

“The Perfection of Wisdom” is an online audio installation in the form of a condensed interview between Pasada and Chris Dooks, both from Edinburgh Buddhist Centre. It was premiered at Edinburgh’s Stills Gallery where Chris is a resident artist. The files are in mp3 format. You will need, say, Itunes for Mac and Windows Media Player for PC or other mp3 player. Please note, these files are COPYRIGHT and any distribution of them should be done in dialogue with the webmaster of the Edinburgh Buddhist Centre.

MP3[229 KB] part one (MP3)MP3[515 KB] part six (MP3)MP3[693 KB] part eleven (MP3)
MP3[1,572 KB] part two (MP3)MP3[604 KB] part seven (MP3)MP3[790 KB] part twelve (MP3)
MP3[569 KB] part three (MP3)MP3[1,189 KB] part eight (MP3)MP31,108 KB] part thirteen (MP3)
MP3[641 KB] part four (MP3)MP3[866 KB] part nine (MP3)MP3[562 KB] part fourteen (MP3)
MP3[558 KB] part five (MP3)MP3[510 KB] part ten (MP3)  

Dharma Talks by Venerable S. Dhammika

Venerable Dhammika is a distinguished lecturer and Buddhist monk from Australia.

Aspects of Psychology: Depression, by Ven. S. Dhammika

MP3[6,104 KB] (1) Depression [download] (MP3)
MP3[6,196 KB] (2) Depression [download] (MP3)
MP3[4,463 KB] (3) Depression [download] (MP3)

Aspects of Psychology: Self Examination, by Ven. S. Dhammika

MP3[20,564 KB] (1) Self Examination [download] (MP3)
MP3[14,433 KB] (2) Self Examination[download] (MP3)


Aspects of Psychology: Inner Beauty, by Ven. S. Dhammika

MP3[14,533 KB] (1) Inner Beauty [download] (MP3)
MP3[12,179 KB] (2) Inner Beauty[download] (MP3)
MP3[14,316 KB] (3) Inner Beauty [download] (MP3)

Good Question, Good Answer with Ven. S. Dhammika

Venerable Dhammika answers questions that people often ask about the Buddha’s teachings.

MP3[12,027 KB] (1) Good Question, Good Answer [download] (MP3)
MP3[12,011 KB] (2) Good Question, Good Answer[download] (MP3)
MP3[14,715 KB] (3) Good Question, Good Answer [download] (MP3)
MP3[14,105 KB] (4) Good Question, Good Answer[download] (MP3)

Talks by Ajahn Brahmavamso

Ajahn Brahmavamso is a popular Buddhist speaker and the abbot of Bodhinyana Monastery, Western Australia.

MP3[9,642 KB] Buddhism and Science [download ] (MP3)
MP3[14,919 KB] What is Love? [download] (MP3)
MP3[19,824 KB] Mindfulness in Daily Life [download ] (MP3)
MP3[21,692 KB] Freedom [download ] (MP3)
MP3[17,243 KB] Enlightenment [download ] (MP3)

Dharma Talks by Ajahn Sister Vayama

Ajahn Sister Vayamais the abbot of Dhammasara Monastery, Western Australia

Talks on “Aspects of the Dhamma – Ehipassiko”,”Reflections on Attachments” (Family Relationships).

MP3[8,453 KB] Aspects of the Dhamma – Ehipassiko [download] (MP3)
MP3[13,743 KB] Reflections on Attachments [download] (MP3)

Dharma Talks, by Ajahn Amaro

(Abhayagiri Monastery, Redwood Valley, California USA)
Talks on “Kissing the joy as it flies”, “Death be not proud” and “The Self”.

MP3[10,099 KB] Kissing the joy as it files[download ] (MP3)
MP3[1,017 KB] Death be not proud[download] (MP3)
MP3[11,090 KB] The Self [download] (MP3)

Dharma Talks, by Ajahn (Geoffrey) Thanissaro

(Abbot of Metta Forest Monastery San Diego County, California USA)
Dharma talks on “Desire for Happiness”, “Heightening the Mind” and “Right Where You Are”.

MP3[7,370 KB] Heightening the Mind[download] (MP3)
MP3[12,441 KB] Desire for Happiness[download] (MP3)
MP3[9,652 KB] Right Where You Are[download] (MP3)

Dharma Talks, by Ven. Master Chin Kung (RealAudio Format)

RealAudio [1,61 8KB] Teachings of Master Chin Kung
RealAudio [1,845 KB] The Path of True Happiness
RealAudio [2,146 KB] Taking Refuge

Dharma Talks, by Joseph Goldstein

RealAudio (time: 1 hour plus)

RealAudio The Buddha
RealAudio Karma and Renunciation

Joseph reads a chapter from his book, “Insight Meditation: The Practice of Freedom”

RealAudio No Parachute, No Ground (311 KB)

Dharma Talks, by Steven Smith

RealAudio (time: 1 hour plus)

RealAudio Insight Knowledge – The Path to Freedom
RealAudio Clear Comprehension in Daily Life

Dharma Talks, by Jack Kornfield

The 10 Perfections of Heart:

RealAudio Introduction (131 KB)
RealAudio Generosity (746 KB)
RealAudio Integrity (557 KB)
RealAudio Renunciation (461 KB)
RealAudio Energy (504 KB)
RealAudio Wisdom (616 KB)
RealAudio Patience (506 KB)
RealAudio Truthfulness (357 KB)
RealAudio Determination (456 KB)
RealAudio Loving-kindness (805 KB)
RealAudio Equanimity (544 KB)
RealAudio Conclusion (131 KB)

Dharma Talks in MP3 Format

Dharma Talks by Western Buddhist Vipassana Teachers from Insight Meditation Society (IMS), Spirit Rock Meditation Center or other retreat centers.

Joseph Goldstein  Turning The Mind Toward The Dharma

Reflections on impermanence and karma that in the midst of our lives in the world can help turn the mind towards the Dharma, towards

Jack Kornfield  Compassion

Compassion is the natural relationship of the heart to sorrow — the movement of the heart in sympathy with other beings and with one’s self. Relating to life with compassion allows us to move through this world of birth and death, of joy and sorrow with wisdom and grace.

Steve Armstrong — The Four Noble Truths

This talk offers core teachings from the Buddhist tradition. The Four Noble Truths express the Buddha’s realizations of essential truths of life. These important points on suffering and the end of suffering are illuminated, as well as how we can apply them in practice.

MP310,,223 KB] (1) Dharma Talk[download] (MP3) Turning The Mind Toward The Dharma, by Joseph Goldstein.
MP3[10,906 KB] (2) Dharma Talk[download] (MP3) Compassion, by Jack Kornfield.
MP3[9,989 KB] (3) Dharma Talk[download] (MP3) – The Four Noble Truths, by Steve Armstrong.

[ These talks were made available courtesy of Dharma Seed Tape Library]


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