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The Chant of Metta – Suffusing Loving-kindness (MP3 File)

metta.mp3     4,362KB     The Chant of Metta – a musical rendition by Imee Ooi (64knps Stereo)


Buddhist Songs for Young Children (MP3 File)     7.000KB     Zipped PC Word Doc file of the lyrics for the Buddhist Songs

buddhistsong1.mp3   3.134KB     1. Birth of the Buddha (lyrics/music: Daniel Yeo)

buddhistsong2.mp3   2.374KB     2. To Love Is To Care And Be Kind (lyrics/music: Imee Ooi)

buddhistsong3.mp3   2.498KB     3. Don’t Be Angry (lyrics: Imee Ooi, music: Woon Yoke Fun)

buddhistsong4.mp3   3.252KB     4. Compassion (lyrics: Imee Ooi, music: Woon Yoke Fun)

buddhistsong5.mp3   2.056KB     5. It’s Great To Give (lyrics/music: Daniel Yeo)

buddhistsong6.mp3   2.074KB     6. He’s Here For You & Me (lyrics: Imee Ooi, music Woon Yoke Fun)

buddhistsong7.mp3   3.502KB     7. Pass It On (lyrics: Daniel Yeo, music: Imee Ooi)

buddhistsong8.mp3   3.154KB     8. Birth Of The Buddha (karaoke)

buddhistsong9.mp3   3.496KB     9. Pass It On (karaoke)

Buddhist Chanting – Mantras (WAV Format Files)

omm.wav                 92KB         Chanting of the Mantra: OM MANI PADME HUM (Tibetan Buddhist)

amtb8.wav               882 KB       Name of Amitabha Buddha: NAMO AMITABHA (Pure Land School)

gelug chant.wav       55 KB       Chanting by Tibetan monks of the Gelugpa sect.

Temple Sounds (WAVs)

gong-burmese.wav      58KB       Burmese Gong
gong-chinese.wav        042KB     Chinese Gong
tinsha.wav                   289KB     Chinese Hand Bell
bowla.wav                    458KB      Tibetan Singing Bowl (#1)
bowlb.wav                    504KB      Tibetan Singing Bowl (#2)

Insight Meditation Instruction – Ven. Pannyavaro (MP3 Files)

artattn.mp3         632KB     The Art of Attention

sixsense.mp3      492KB     At the Six-sense Doors

mental.mp3         372KB     The Technique of Mental Noting

balance.mp3       503KB     Keeping the Balance in Meditation

sittng1.mp3        374KB     The Sitting Posture in Meditation

sitting2.mp3        537KB     Instruction for Sitting Meditation

walking.mp3        556KB     Technique in Walking Meditation

Loving-kindness Meditation – Ven. Pannyavaro (MP3 Files)

loving1.mp3     714KB     Loving-kindness Meditation Instruction

loving2.mp3     482KB     A Guided Loving-kindness Meditation