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Insight Meditation Online and BuddhaNet is the website of the Buddha Dharma Education Association
located at Lismore NSW, in the Northern Rivers ‘Rainbow Region’ of Australia.

Constitution of the Buddha Dharma Education Association Inc.

(The organisation is incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 1984 NSW)

The objects of the organisation are to:

(a) propagate Buddhism to the public;
(b) educate the public concerning Buddhism and related subjects;
(c) teach Buddhist meditation techniques to the public;
(d) support or assist a monastic sangha comprising monks or nuns fully ordained in any Buddhist order which the management committee may see fit to recognise;
(e) support or assist a lay sangha comprising members of the organisation; and
(f) in connection with all or any of the foregoing, to maintain and operate any information service including without limitation the Internet web site known as the “BuddhaNet”.

The President and resident teacher of Buddha Dharma Education is Venerable Pannyavaro, an Australian monk who founded the association in 1992, and created this website.

Pannyavaro conducts meditation classes and workshops in Sydney. As well as leading vipassana meditation retreats from time to time at the Blue Mountains Insight Meditation Centre, Medlow Bath, Australia.

If you would like to develop your meditation practice further, please fee to contact the Buddha Dharma Education at the contact information below. In this way you will received information on meditation classes, workshops and longer retreats.

Our services are free — the only support is through your donations.

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Buddha Dharma Education Association Inc.
78 Bentley Road, Tullera NSW 2480, Australia
Email: Telephone: +6-1-2 6628 2426