Insight Meditation Online

Insight Meditation Workshop

by Ven. Pannyavaro



This course describes a series of meditation exercises and practical advice on how to apply them. It works best if you follow the course progressively, giving each sequence of instructions a good ‘work-out’ before proceeding further.

Meditation is the intelligent heart of the Buddha’s way; the only criterion is that you should apply it to daily life. The purpose of this meditation course is not to create a system of beliefs, but rather to give guidance on how to see clearly into the nature of the mind. In this way, you can have first-hand understanding of the way things are, without reliance on opinions or theories — a direct experience, which has its own vitality.

This course has been prepared with both beginners and experienced practitioners in mind. A feature of this workshop is that you are encouraged to share your meditation experience with others, as it will enrich not only their practice but your own as well. So your questions and my responses will be posted here as we go along. Above all, feel free to ask for clarification on any aspect of the practice presented here.

While this is a new medium to learn the ancient art of meditation it is still text based; but I hope that with your help it will become more interactive.

You are welcome to copy this material for your personal use only.
Otherwise this material is copyright © 2004, Ven. Pannyavaro