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BuddhaNet has been servicing the Buddhist community on the Internet now for over 20 years. So I hope that with your support we can continue on for many more years. During the past year we have been generally upgrading the site and have moved to a new virtual server. We are gradually adding new content within our limited resources and have been updating the whole site to improve the navigation and ease of use. While BuddhaNet was one of the first Buddhist websites on the Net, we are not resting on our laurels as we aim to continue to expand this service for the benefit and welfare of all!

This collection of Buddhist Digital Resources on BuddhaNet brings together a representative selection
of Buddhist electronic resources from all the traditions. This will help to make the Buddha’s teachings more
accessible and a valuable research tool and guide for students and those interested in the Buddha’s Dharma

The ongoing project at BuddhaNet for the past three years or so has been the Buddhist eLibrary, which now includes substantial Chinese and Thai language content. Shortly the eLibrary will include Spanish and Portuguese content and we would also like to include the main Asian and European languages as well.

So we invite Buddhist organistions and/or individuals to contribute digital content such as PDF documents, Audio as MP3 or Videos as Flash files to the eLibrary.

Buddhist organisations are invited to join the Buddhist eLibrary on a partnership basis – please contact the Buddhist eLibrary’s co-ordinator: Ven. Pannyavaro.

Unfortunately, we have lost the sole sponor of Buddhanet – a Singapore temple who helped us for many years.
While we are grateful for the previous support it has left us financially in difficulty!

So if you wish to help to keep this service up and running, please consider a donation towards the cost of maintaining BuddhaNet, thank you.

With appreciation / Ven. Pannyavaro (BuddhaNet’s webmaster).

The World Buddhist Directory Database

We ask Buddhist organisations and centres world-wide to check their directory listing/s for accuracy and/or come up with new listings in their locality. This is a service that will benefit the growth of the Buddha Dharma world-wide – please help us to help you. The World Buddhist Directory is a free non-sectarian service supported entirely by donations.