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Zen Buddhism WWW Virtual Library – The Internet Guide to Zen (Ch’an, Soen, Thien)

Resources. Contents: Zen Buddhism; General Resources; Schools of Zen Buddhism; Hakuin Ekaku School of Zen Buddhism; Harada-Yasutani School of Zen Buddhism; Zen Koans Study Pages 20th c.; Zen People and Their Teachings; Daily Zen Sutras; Zen Documents and Writings; Zen Electronic Newsletters and Journals; Zen Buddhism Electronic Forum; Zen Organizations and Institutions; Directories of Practice Centers; Diamond Sangha Home Page; Zen Names; Zen Calendar; Zen Buddhism Online Bookstore.

Zen Order of Hsu Yun – Chinese Zen (Ch’an).

The Zen Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun (ZBOHY) was created to spread the teachings of Ven. Master Hsu (Xu) Yun, China’s greatest Zen (Chan) master of the 20th Century. Our priests follow in the Southern School (Mahayana) lineage of Hui Neng, the Sixth and last Patriarch of Zen. For a comprehensive overview of Zen history, psychology, and practice, visit The Seventh World of Chan Buddhism, prepared for this site by Rev. Ming Zhen Shakya (a priest of Nan Hua temple in the People’s Republic of China. As always, our Temple doors are open, the virtual incense is burning .

Ch’an Meditation Center

The Ch’an Meditation Center and Institute of Chung-Hwa Buddhist Culture is a division of Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association. It is a place of serenity and self-cultivation, located in Elmhurst, Queens, a multicultural neighborhood in New York City. We welcome all those interested in meditation and the study and practice of Buddhism, regardless of background, age or ethnic origin. We offer access to Buddhism through a variety of approaches, including classes and lectures on Buddhist scriptures and philosophy, introductory meditation, retreats, chanting and ceremonies. The Center is also a small monastery where bhikshus and bhikshunis (fully ordained monks and nuns) live and practice the traditional precepts including harmony, celibacy and purity of mind.

The International Zen Association

The International Zen Association (IZA; in French, l’Association Zen Internationale, or AZI) is composed of Master Deshimaru’s disciples, as well as all the dojos and zazen groups whose coordinators practice together regularly at the Zen Temple of La Gendronniere during the major annual sessions. A cultural association founded in 1970 by Master Taisen Deshimaru to support his mission, the International Zen Association has as its goal the dissemination of Zen practice and teaching as transmitted by Master Deshimaru, in an effort to help today’s civilization resolve the serious crisis it is facing. The IZA is part of the Soto Zen school and is recognized by the Japanese Zen authorities.

San Francisco Zen Center

Founded in 1966 by Soto Zen Master Shunryu Suzuki-roshi, comprises three practice places: City Center in San Francisco, Green Gulch Farm in Marin and Tassajara Zen Mountain Center near Monterey – all in California. This website includes descriptions of the centers, provides schedules of events and programs, and offers excerpts of books by Zen Center teachers as well as sutras chanted here. Soon to be added: a photo gallery, a notice board and a page of links.

Dai Bai Zan – Cho Bo Zen Ji

A Rinzai Zen Temple in Seattle, with on-line beginning instruction, Dharma talks and electronic bookstore. Dai Bai Zan Cho Bo Zen Ji or “The Listening to the Dharma Zen Temple on Great Plum Mountain” was founded in Seattle, WA by Zen Master Genki Takabayashi. Genki Roshi (Zen Master) was invited by the Seattle Zen Center to become the resident teacher in the fall of 1978. He accepted, and by 1983, after a few incarnations, formalized his teaching style around a small group of students, and founded Cho Bo Zen Ji.

The Zen Studies Society

The Zen Studies Society was established in 1956 to assist the Buddhist scholar D.T. Suzuki in his efforts to introduce Zen to the West. In 1965 it came under the leadership of a Japanese Zen monk, Eido Tai Shimano, who shifted the emphasis towards zazen (Zen meditation) practice. With his dedicated energy, and the help of many Dharma friends and supporters, two centers for Zen practice came into being: New York Zendo Shobo-ji, on the Upper East Side of Manhattan; and Dai Bosatsu Zendo Kongo-ji, deep in the Catskill Mountains of Upstate New York. In 1972, Eido Shimano Roshi received Dharma transmission from Soen Nakagawa Roshi, and today serves as the abbot and spiritual teacher of these two zendos in the Japanese Rinzai Zen tradition.

Clouds in Water Zen Center

CiWZC is a Zen community located in the warehouse district of St. Paul, Minnesota, organized around authentic practice realization and Zen training. Amidst a warm and open environment, CiWZC welcomes students at all levels to develop and deepen their spiritual practice through a broad range of programs and offerings. Our website includes schedules for zazen, programs, and retreats; information about our center and teachers; dharma talks and sutras; meditation instructions; and much more!

The Zen Hospice Project

Located in San Francisco, the Zen Hospice Project is dedicated to the care of people who are approaching death and to increasing our understanding of our own impermanence.

Zen Mountain Center

Nestled in the San Jacinto Mountains of Southern California, Zen Mountain Center is dedicated to the teaching and practice of Zen Buddhism. The center welcomes participants at any stage of life or experience. In addition to Zen meditation instruction and practice, the center hosts a variety of retreats and workshops in related disciplines, such as T’ai Chi and Yoga. Founded in 1979 by Taizan Maezumi Roshi as a summer retreat for the Zen Center of Los Angeles, it now serves as a year-round Zen Training Center. Run by co-Abbots Tenshin and Seisen Fletcher, it attracts an international community of practitioners.

Prairie Zen Center

The Prairie Zen Center is a group of individuals studying Zen in the lineage established by Charlotte Joko Beck of the Zen Center of San Diego. We offer weekly sittings, periodic workshops, and, six times a year, sesshin led by one of Joko’s dharma successors, Elihu Genmyo Smith. Elihu now lives in Champaign, Illinois and serves as our resident teacher.

The Zen Sunsite Homepage

This site features a translation of The Gateless Gate, which is a famous collection of koans.

The Alan Watts Electronic University

This site features the sale of audio and videotapes of lectures by Alan Watts as compiled by his son, Mark.

Dark Zen

The teachings of Mystical Zen Buddhism, named one of the top ten Buddhist related sites on the net by PC magazine, Dark Zen is a well written and maintained site, with excellent articles and teachings on Zen.

Minnesota Zen Meditation Center

Minnesota Zen Meditation Center was formed nearly 30 years ago. The founding abbott, Dainin Katagiri Roshi was invited to come from California to teach a small but growing group of students interested in the dharma, among them current head priest Sekijun Karen Sunna. Rev. Sunna studied with Katagiri Roshi until his death in 1990, and was installed as head priest in September, 1997. Today MZMC works to maintain a vibrant, welcoming community committed to the teaching and practice of Zen Buddhism. It offers daily sitting meditation, weekly classes and lectures, and intensive meditation practices such as retreats. MZMC is a member-supported non-profit organization operated by a board of directors and small staff. Its main offices are at its Twin Cities temple, also known as Ganshoji. MZMC also owns and operates country facility called Hokyoji in southern Minnesota near the Iowa border.

Nebraska Zen Center/Heartland Temple

Located in Omaha, NZC is a Soto Zen Buddhist temple in the tradition of Zen Master Dogen. Our Head Priest and teacher is Rev. Nonin Chowaney, an American Zen Master ordained and authorized to teach by Rev. Dainin Katagiri. We offer daily meditation, intensive retreats, classes, and workshops. Detailed information, including dharma talks by Rev. Chowaney and current and back issues of our newsmagazine, Prairie Wind.

Pine Mountain Buddhist Temple

Pine Mountain Buddhist Temple is a small monastic community on 45 acres in the mountains north of Ventura, California in the Ozena Valley, with retreat facilities for guests. The resident monks are members of the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives, founded by the late Rev. Master Jiyu-Kennett. The daily practice is Serene Reflection Meditation (Soto Zen).

Mt. Baldy Zen Center

Mt. Baldy Zen Center was founded in 1972 by Joshu Sasaki Roshi and is the main training facility of Rinzai-ji. Joshu Roshi is now in his 93rd year and has been teaching in the United States for 37 years. The website offers information about the center, the activities, formal practice etc. Weekly updates for practitioners connected to the center inform about current events. The news section also contains on-line newsletters, texts of sutras, and a glossary of Japanese terms used at Mt. Baldy.

Sweetwater Zen Center

SWZC is a residential, urban Zen practice community in San Diego couty’s South Bay area … a member of the White Plum sangha. Our head teacher is Anne Seisen Saunders. SWZC is a Zen Buddhist community in San Diego county. SWZC offers opportunities for Zen meditation, koan practice, and explores practices from other traditional and contemporary spiritual paths.

Daily Zen

A unique and elegant environment. Profound contemplation of the day, inspiring artwork, seasoned with a dash of humor to en-lighten the day. Come visit this spacious haven steeped in Zen spirit.

Homepage of Zen-Master Kopp

Zen-Master Kopp is an enlightened one whose luminous transforming wisdom opens new paths of spiritual realisation to those who truly seek spiritually. He leads the TAO CHAN Centre, Wiesbaden, Germany as the dharma-succesor of the late (1977) Zen-Master Soji Enku Roshi This Homepage is in German and English and the books of Zen-Master Kopp are translated into English.

Dharma Field Zen Center

Dharma Field offers daily meditation, retreats, a three-year curriculum as well as advanced seminars in Buddhist studies which provide a complete background in Zen, the teachings of the Buddha, the Wisdom teachings of Mahayana Buddhism, and the essentials of Buddhist psychology. The head teacher at Dharma Field is Steve Hagen, author of Buddhism Plain and Simple.

Zen Community of Oregon

Zen Community of Oregon is a zen practice center based in Portland, Oregon. We are affiliated with the Soto Zen lineage of Taizan Maezumi Roshi and the Rinzai Zen lineage of Shodo Harada Roshi. This site provides information about our activities, schedule, and zen training. The Communityemphasizes zen practice in the midst of daily life.

Zen Art by Monk SongYoon

This is ths Web site of a Zen monk-artist in Korea, Ven. SongYoon: “As a contemporary seeker on the Path, I have chosen painting as my own special way of living amongst the people. My training as a monk — sutra study, chanting, meditation — prepared me well for this experience. Particularly the meditation. Zen meditation is much brighter than the gold and silver of the world, and its scent is more elegant than that of all the flowers in the marketplace. Diamonds are both beautiful and indestructible; yet following the laws of karma, they will inevitably return to dust. The crystallization of Zen, however, is as endless and infinite, as is the scent of a painting.”

Hartford Street Zen Center

Hartford Street Zen Center, San Francisco is a small Buddhist center of the Soto Zen tradition. We offer a schedule of traditional Zen Buddhist practice for the lay community in a comfortable and friendly environment.We have three scheduled meditation periods each weekday and one meditation period and a Dharma talk on Saturday. Classes on Buddhism or specifically Zen is offered frequently. One day sittings are available each month. Meditation instruction is available by confirmed appointment.

Zen in Daily Life

Zen in daily life the Soto approach to Zen, introduce Zen teacher Dogen teaching and many issues such as Zen and Judo and the Martial Arts, Zen and art, Zen in Japan and Zen in Israel, Dogen on time and death and many other subjects concerning combining Zen meditation, finding true self, activating humanism compassion, and creativity in full function in modern society of the 21 century.

Ocean Eyes Zen Center

Zen practice, meditation and retreats led by American Zen Master Ji Bong (Dr.Robert Moore) in the Korean Chogye lineage of Zen Master Seung Sahn. Located in Long Beach, Southern California.

Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey

Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey is a Buddhist monastery and retreat centre in the Serene Reflection Meditation Tradition (J. Soto Zen, C. Tsao Tung) and is within the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives. It is located in Northumberland, England. All are warmly invited to join the Abbeys programme of lay training which include introductory retreats, weekend retreats, week retreats and residential lay training.

Zen Mountain Monastery

Zen Mountain Monastery is an American Zen Buddhist monastery and training center for monastics and lay practitioners of the Mountains & Rivers Order of Zen Buddhism. At all times the training program is devoted to one thing only: the clear and direct realization of enlightenment in practice.


ZENVC is an organization dedicated to fostering the growth of everyday, ” real world” compassionate action, by integrating the wisdom of Zen Buddhism with the techniques of Nonviolent Communication (aka NVC, developed by Marshall B. Rosenberg). This site offers resources for anyone wanting to practice in the midst of worldly life.

Dharma Zen Center

Dharma Zen Center was founded in 1974 by Zen Master Seung Sahn, and is located in the mid-Wilshire area of Los Angeles. Our Guiding Teachers are Zen Master Ji Bong (Robert Moore) and Paul Park, JDPSN. The Center is an affiliate of the Kwan Um School of Zen.

The Zen Site

This site is dedicated to a better understanding of Zen, its history, its teachings and its philosophy. Includes a comprehensive Zen book review section, critiques of Zen, translation of Sutras and writings by and about Dogen and Nagarjuna. A wide-ranging collection of authoritative writings about Zen Buddhism.

The Center for Pragmatic Buddhism

We utilize Chan and Zen Buddhist practice methods that resonate with Westerners, including the central practice of sitting meditation (zazen). The Pragmatic Buddhist approach uses modern-day language to explain Buddhism’s relevance to the contemporary Western lifestyle.

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