Guide to Tipitaka


Aģguttara Nikæya

(11) Ekædasaka Nipæta Pæđi

(a) There are eleven kinds of destruction any one of which is likely to befall a bhikkhu who reviles the fellow bhikkhus of the community: Lack of progress in his efforts; declining from the stage already achieved; tainted and defiled understanding of the Dhamma; being overcome by his own conceit; unhappiness in leading the holy life; liability to commit offences against the disciplinary rules; likelihood of reverting to the household life; likelihood of being afflicted with an incurable disease; likelihood of becoming mentally deranged; dying with a confused mind and likelihood of being reborn in the Nether Worlds. (para 6)

(b) There are eleven benefits derived from cultivation and development of loving-kindness, when frequently practised and firmly established: One sleeps soundly and wakes peacefully with no bad dreams; one is regarded with esteem by men; is treated with respect by non-humans; is protected by devas; is unharmed by fire, poison or weapons; his mind is easily concentrated; the features of his face are serene; he will die with a unconfused mind; if he does not attain to Arahatship, he will be reborn in the Brahma realm. (para 15)