Welcome to the meditation class!

Okay, what are we going to do in this class?

First, get an overview of the basics: the posture, the techniques in sitting and walking meditation. Then you need to become familiar with the awareness and loving-kindness practices.

It is not too difficult really – if you understand what you are doing. You need persistence though – staying power. Don’t worry, I’ll walk you through the details of the practice with the help of flow charts, no worries.

While it is necessary to sort out the physical side of the practice and learn the techniques, actually it is really about working with the mind.

Awareness, or Insight Meditation is a practice of being attentive – being alert – to what is happening in your own mind and body, as it is happening. This will lead to insight, understanding of who you are, what it is all about.

To have this level of attentiveness, you need to keep the mind sweet, at ease, and open to the experience. This means you need to have, or develop, loving-kindness as well – and that feels good too.