Water Meditation

BuddhaNet’s guided Meditation for Primary Students
(Buddhist value: Water symbolises purity, clarity and calmness, and reminds us to cleanse our minds and attain the state of purity)
Imagine that you are now pure clean water. Someone comes along and gently puts you into a small bowl. The person then offers you to the Buddha.

You rest happily in the bowl knowing that you have an important role to play. You symbolise purity, clarity and calmness. You remind people to practise the Buddha’s teachings, which is constantly cleansing their minds.

Water is used to clean away dirt. When everyone sees you, they are happy and joyful. This is because they are reminded that they can wash away the filth of their minds. They should wash away selfish and unkind thoughts and be clean and pure like you.

The Buddha is someone free from defilements like desire, ill-will and ignorance. We should all be like the Buddha, who does not have any dirt or defilements but only purity in his mind.

Waterfall Relaxation Meditation

(The children learn to relax before meditation)

A beautiful waterfall of white light is flowing down on you. It flows down on your head, helping your head to relax. You feel your head relaxing. It moves down over your neck and shoulders. Your neck and shoulders are relaxing. Now it flows down over your arms. You feel your arms relaxing. It flows down your back. Your back is letting go and relaxing. It flows over your chest and stomach, helping your chest and stomach relax. You feel your chest and stomach relax. It moves down over your legs and feet. You feel your legs and feet letting go and relaxing. The beautiful waterfall of white light is flowing over your whole body. You are very peaceful and relaxed.