Flower Meditation

BuddhaNet's Guided Meditation for Primary Students

(Buddhist value: Fresh and beautiful flowers of today will become withered and ugly tomorrow. This reminds us of the Buddha’s teaching that all things are impermanent.)

Imagine that you are a beautiful flower. What kind of flower are you? See the colours of your petals. Appreciate that you are now a beautiful flower.

Someone comes along and buys you from the flower shop. She puts you into a vase filled with water. You are gently sucking up the water and blooming more beautifully than before. You are fresh and sending off a sweet fragrance. The lady puts you on the table and offers you to the Buddha. You stand beautifully in the vase, bringing joy and happiness to people’s hearts when they see you.

One day has passed. Slowly, the colour of your petals becomes dull. You are no longer sending off a sweet fragrance. Your petals become withered and discoloured. You are ugly and faded.

Although you are a withered flower, you are still happy in your heart. You know that you have an important role to play. Your role is to remind people of the Buddha’s teaching that all things are impermanent. All things are constantly going through change. Everyone’s body too, like your petals, will wither and pass away. Everyone should keep impermanence in mind and live in the present.