Part Two: Life of the Buddha

EXERCISE 5. Devadatta, the Buddha's Enemy

  1. Who was Devadatta?
  2. With whom did he enter the order of monks?
  3. In his early days, what was he known for?
  4. Was he able to attain any stage of sainthood?
  5. What happened to him later?
  6. What was Devadatta’s request to the Buddha? Did the Buddha accept it? Why?
  7. Who was the chief supporter of Devadatta?
  8. Did Devadatta succeed in killing the Buddha?
  9. What was his first attempt to kill the Buddha?
  10. How did Devadatta himself try to kill the Buddha?
  11. How did Nalagiri react to the Buddha?
  12. What will Devadatta be in the future?