This is the third edition of BuddhaNet’s Buddhist Studies for Schools. The Buddhist Studies course materials are produced by the Buddha Dharma Education Association of Sydney, Australia, as part of the Buddhist Studies for Schools Project. It is now available both on the Internet and as a CD-ROM.

The overall aims of the Buddhist Studies course are:

  • To help pupils to acquire a general knowledge of the fundamental teachings and biography of the Buddha and to be able to trace the growth of Buddhism to the present
  • To help inculcate in pupils moral values and qualities of social responsibility, as well as psychological maturity, all of which will contribute to their becoming better citizens and happier, more well-adjusted adults.

The approach adopted in the Buddhist Studies materials is ethical, historical and objective. Teachers are asked to approach the teaching of Buddhist studies with professionalism, bearing in mind that in the context of the classroom the object is not to convert, but rather to familiarise students with Buddhist moral values and cultural traditions.

The Buddhist Studies for Schools Project has been designed to cater for those students who have had no previous contact with Buddhist teachings and culture. The material has been prepared in consultation with professional educators, but if it shows a need for improvement then please appreciate that it is a work in progress. It is our intention to keep developing this material, within the time and resources available.

There is a great need for professionally trained teachers of Buddhism and for people to help with developing high quality content for Buddhist studies courses. The Buddha Dharma Education Association, here in Sydney, has plans to develop Buddhist teachers’ training courses and teachers’ resource kits. If you are interested in helping with these projects and have the necessary expertise, please feel free to contact us.

Venerable Pannyavaro (President)