Buddhist History & Culture

Buddhist Studies for Secondary Students


>>> Timelines of Buddhist History – Significant Events & Personalities in the Evolution of Buddhism.

>>> The Spread of Buddhism in Asia – The Geographical Spread of the Three Traditions in Asia

>>> The Buddhist Scriptures – Therawada / Mahayana Textes, including the Tibetan and Chinese

>>> Buddhist Schools & Lineages – The Three Schools, including the Chinese & Japanese Traditions

>>> Early Disciples of the Buddha – Pen Portraits of Some of the Eminent Disciples of the Buddha

>>> Profiles of Buddhist Figures – Historical Figures, Scholars / Teachers, Ancient & Modern Masters

>>> Buddhism and Women – In ancient India, Buddha’s attitude to women, Eminent Nuns

>>> FAQs on Buddhist Culture – Frequently Asked Question on Buddhist Culture

>>> Buddhist Festivals & Ceremonies – Festival and Celebratory Days, Personal Ceremonies

>>> Historical Buddhist Sites – In India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, China, Tibet, Japan

>>> Buddhist Art & Architecture – Buddha Image, Mandalas, Tangkas, Stupas, Monumental Architecture

>>> Buddhist Deities / Bodhisattvas – The Mahayana Deities, and the Chinese Buddhist Pantheon

>>> Buddhist Symbols / Iconography – Ritual Objects and various Buddhist symbols

>>> Statistics on Buddhists – Number of Adherents, Countries with Highest Proportional of Buddhist

>>> Selected Reading List – Suggested Reading to Facilitate Study of the History of Buddhism

>>> Buddhist Glossary / Dictionary – A Comprehensive Glossary of Buddhist Terms