buddhist studies for secondary students

Unit Eight: Contemporary issue

Buddhist Approach to the Contemporary World

Area of Focus:

  • identify aspects of continuity and change within the belief system;
  • evaluate the impact of globalisation on the belief system;
  • identify the impact of technology on the belief system;
  • examine the impact of the belief system on the wider society at a national and global level.



The Environment

The role of Buddism in Enhancing Environmental Philosophy and Psychology in the West Today.

Select and Discuss a story from:


This section provides links to works by a leading Buddhist monk,Venerable P.A. Payutto which deal with society’s ills within a Buddhist framework. There are Buddhist perspectives on other issues such as globalisation, the constructive use of technology, Buddhism and the Echocrisis, and a contribution from His Holiness, the Dalai Lama on Universal Responsibility and the Environment. On a positive note, there is a article by the well-known Buddhist writer, Venerable Dr. Sri Dhammananda on Buddhism and the Future.

Secondary Level Unit 8: Contemporary Issues

Multiple-Choice Questionnaire

Activity Box

 Facing the Future: Four Essays on the Social Relevance of Buddhism, by Bhikkhu Bodhi. (eBook Library)

The Meditation Class: Instructions in Insight and Loving-kindness meditation – showing techniques in sitting and walking.

eBook Library: Nine Maha (Great) Buddhist Crossword Puzzles.

Online Research Projects: Choose a topic from nine suggested research projects.

The Dhammapada: The Buddha’s Path to Wisdom.