The Buddha - Vipassana - J.Krishnamurti

~ Research Study ~


Lord Buddha and J. Krishnamurti always spoke from such a large perspective that in any extended passage on a particular subject the main outlines of their whole vision was implied. When one wishes to see how an extended statement flows out of the whole discourse, one can find the context by referring to the book title and page number /other sources as mentioned at the foot of the passage.

Teachings are Teachings – the Teachings of Truth. These holistic teachings cannot be branded as Gotama’s Teachings or Krishnamurty’s Teachings – they cannot be categorised, compared or put under headings. DHAMMA is the Truth – the Teachings of all Enlightened Ones. This volume should simply be called ”THE TEACHINGS” OR ”DHAMMA” or ”FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT”.

The Teachings are not for intellectualisation, but for actually looking within. Wisdom is of three types: sutamayi panna (wisdom that is only heard), cintanmayi panna (wisdom gained by thinking, analysing, pondering) and bhavnamayi panna (experiential wisdom – VIPASSANA).

The experiential wisdom gained by actually looking within and realising the Truth within, with penetrating insight, culminates in nibbana – sacred-freedom – the ending of all misery and sorrow.